Music for Five Post Cards
Art direction, graphic design and illustration

Music for Five Post Cards was born from a free interpretation of the title of Hiroshi Yoshimura’s debut LP released in 1982.

In the continuity of Ville Nouvelle’s exploration of music and graphic design, each track is transformed into a respective postcard. 
The project appears as a personal mosaic of evocations reflecting both in image and music a kind of international feeling.

Ph: Leonard Oliviero

Matías Enaut - Mon Tarot
Art direction, CGI and graphic design

Music video and posters for Matías Enaut in collaboration with Manon Cezaro.

"My Tarot"’s lyrics are a succession of images around chance and movements. There is only one story, no characters, we use the objects mentioned in the texts like the witnesses and actors.

NikeSB Live Report Graphic design, animation
Nike Live Report is a web series documenting the french skate scene through the lens of Augustin Giovannoni a young film maker traveling and filming skateboarding between Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin. #LiveSBreport

Nike SB and Live Skateboard Media commissioned me to make animations in order to introduce their new video project.

Art direction and storyboarding

Farfetch asked us to create 9 videos for their christmas campaign.
Art Direction: Alexis Jamet
Motion design: Pierre Dixaut and Guillaume Jolly

Made at Leslie David Studio

De Paris Yearbook
Art direction and layout
The 2016 edition of the yearbook collection De Paris, Of London and Aus Berlin, thoses three cities energy mixed into a 365 pages book documenting skateboard scenes.

365 pages - 1000 copies - Published by DPY éditions
ISBN - 978-2-9555992-6-6