Hermès Making Lab - Jean Simon Roch
Art direction, signage system and interactive animations
Hermès celebrates innovation at their new Manhattan store.
The French luxury goods label asked Jean Simon Roch, a multi-disciplinary artist to create works related to the topic of "Innovation in the Making.”
It consist in a mechanics workshop focusing on the iconic Hermès bag closures with 20 playful interactive systems.
I was in charge to create a visual language through signage system and interactive animations for each installation.
Ph: Maxime Verret

Nike John McEnroe
Graphic design and illustration.
Nike and WSDIA(NY) commissioned me to work on the new John McEnroes’s building in Portland, created in 1990 and renovated in 2020.

Interpretation of my admiration for Mc Enroe's efforts to break free of tennis’s rigorous codes mixed with the love and joy he obviously took from playing the game.

The deconstruced elements and messy compositions expresses Mac’s energy but also the frustration and nervousness that sometimes lead him to destroy his racket or shout out to people.

Tenue Dansante
Graphic design and illustration
Manon Cezaro and I have been invited to work at Club Couleur’s workshop on a carte blanche project using a riso printing machine.

We developed a selection of 12 images that we used to make garments inspired by traditionnal Japanese clothes .
The images were also published in a book and animated.
The exhibiton happened at Ping Pong Gallery.

Banque d’images
Art and graphic design
”Banque d’images” is a book made with Manon Cezaro during our residency at Le Vecteur in Charleroi, Belgium.
We have created our own image bank mixing paintings, CGI, photographs and illustrations and in order to compile them into a book experimenting printing techniques.

A3, 12 pages.
Screen printing, riso, laser and inkjet.

Music for Five Post Cards
Art direction, graphic design and illustration
Music for Five Post Cards was born from a free interpretation of the title of Hiroshi Yoshimura’s debut LP released in 1982.

In the continuity of Ville Nouvelle’s exploration of music and graphic design, each track is transformed into a respective postcard. 
The project appears as a personal mosaic of evocations reflecting both in image and music a kind of international feeling.
Ph: Leonard Oliviero