White Shirts Pink Shorts
Graphic design, drawing and photography.
This book is a collection of images, objects, drawings and photos of holidays that pick up the pace of myself and Manon Cezaro’s residency in Japan.
From between rural landscapes and crossing paths with “Salarymen”.
18 x 23 cm - 92 pages, mixed papers
Published by Obed Books

Matías Enaut - Éclats
Graphic design, photograghy.
Éclats LP
Record design and photographs
Art: Manon Cezaro
Production: Grand Musique Management

Identity, graphic design and Illustration.
The Saut Hermès is an international show jumping competition organised every year since 2009 in the spring by the House of Hermès International in the Grand Palais in Paris.
Team: Armand Beraud,Tom Noordanus-Calmels, Matías Enaut, Edern Van Hille, Jules Tirily, Studio 34, Monsieur l’Agent et Clément Harpillard.

Tinariwen - Tener Den
Graphic design and animation.
Music video - 3,30”
Label: Wedge
Distribution: Warp Records

Opéra de Lille 23-24
Drawings, graphic design.
Posters for the 23-24 Saison of the Lille Opéra.
 Ph: Benjamin Meunier