Illustrations and graphic design
Various little projects that don’t need a full post.

J'ai Des Miettes Dans Mon Scanner Solo Show and graphic design
Solo Show at Oddity gallery in Paris.
Ph: Tristan Vergnault
Sound: Matías Enaut
Video installation with TV Store
Leaflet with Margaux Saingolet

Le Bruit Des Pétales

Le Bruit des Pétales (The Noise of Petals) is an 80 pages book collectings drawings of shapes and bouquets dedicated to flowers all made between 2019 and 2020.

Poetry/texts: Matías Enaut
Design: Jad Hussein

Available on my shop.

New York Times ①
Animation and graphic design

“The Year You Finally Read a Book About Climate Change” published on the occasion of Earth Day.

AD: Claire O’Neil

Coup De Vent
Illustration and graphic design
"Coup De Vent" is about two flipbooks displaying English landscapes during the summer period. On one of them, I drew a house inspired by a painting of Spencer Gore representing the houses of Letchworth.
At the first scroll it's difficult to identify the action, it is only after successive repetitions that the movement is revealed. A slight breeze then appears in the image as if it was produced by the rapid movement of the scrolling pages.