De Paris Yearbook
Art direction and layout.
The 2016 edition of the yearbook collection De Paris, Of London and Aus Berlin, thoses three cities energy mixed into a 365 pages book documenting skateboard scenes.
365 pages - 1000 copies - Published by DPY éditions
ISBN - 978-2-9555992-6-6

Naming, branding and interior design.
Storage is a skate store based in Tours, Fr.
It's a space which is part skate store, part street wear boutique and a place for occasional art exhibitions and launches.

Twisting Spirits Art direction, photography.
Twisting Spirits is a distillery based in Oxfordshire, heart of the Chiltern.
Twisting Spirits are IT geeks turned gin geeks, we wanted to take their love of data and apply it to the often traditional world of gin.
Made at Lyon & Lyon.

Cristina Ortiz

Cristina Ortiz, who has been a designer at Prada, Lanvin, Brioni and Salvatore Ferragamo, based her signature collection on a stylized wing motif recalling angels or fantastical elfin creatures.
Lookbook and line sheet layouts.

Made at Lyon & Lyon.

NikeSB Live Report Graphic design, animation.
Nike Live Report is a web series documenting the french skate scene through the lens of Augustin Giovannoni a young film maker traveling and filming skateboarding between Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin. #LiveSBreport
Nike SB and Live Skateboard Media commissioned me to make animations in order to introduce their new video project.